House Extensions Birmingham

At Doughty Construction we are passionate about building work and improving the quality of life our customers. If you need a to increase the size of your home or want to convert unused space in your property, then a house extension might be the ideal solutions for your home. Once you decide to look for house extensions Birmingham then speaking to our design team can save you time and money on your extension.

Our builders have helped home owners with hundreds of house extensions over the years and we can help you navigate the treacherous waters of planning permission and make sure that your house extension is completed quickly and with the least amount of fuss. One of the first thing our builders will check is the impact any extensions might have on your neighbors, this is really important because your neighbors have a right to light and it something that exists in law. For most home owners this is something that will only really affect them when living in some of the more urban areas in Birmingham were light can be an issue.

One of the most interesting areas that home owners are looking when considering house extensions Birmingham is the adding of basement space when the house extension is being competed. This is a great idea because you can create living space without using up your allocated volume under the development rights. Our builders can add basement windows and external access and this will not normally require extra planning permission either. Our House Extensions Birmingham team can make sure that your basement is built in compliance with basement for dwellings 2000 act and you could double your living space in no time at all!

One thing to consider when planning your house extension is to check the number of bathrooms you have across the property. When you work with our builders and design team we will be able to advise you on the best location of any bathrooms not just for ventilation but also for practicality. We would always advise that you have at least one bathroom on the floor with the main bedrooms and for larger houses you could always add an en-suit bathroom to the master bedroom. When creating a house extension in Birmingham for the purposes of adding extra bedrooms, it’s a great place to start by making sure that your plans cater for the number of bedrooms needed but also that you balance the number of bathrooms accordingly. This is important as well if you intend to sell the property later on because buyers will expect a bathroom and shower room for every three or so rooms.

Know your House Extensions Birmingham building Regulations

Although you might not need planning permission for your House Extensions Birmingham you will still need to get building regulation approval. This is something our expert team of building team will be able to help you with. These regulations set out the minimum expectation for such building features as fire safety, damp proofing, ventilation and energy efficiency. All of this is mean to bring to brought together for not just your safety but for the longevity of the life of the property. Doughty Construction Birmingham can explain all the work when we provide our quote estimate so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible.

What it is important to know is that most repair work is not covered under UK building regulations with the exceptions of windows and rewiring. Again our house extension Birmingham team can talk you though every aspect of the building of your house extension. Here is a brief list of the types of work that need approval.

  • Openings for new Windows
  • Installing of new heating appliances
  • Loft Conversions, internal alterations to your homes structure and the removal of load bearing walls.
  • Installing bathrooms which will need new waste plumbing and drainage
  • A new chimney