At Edgbaston builders we believe that the kitchen is the central room in the house, it isn’t just where we cook and eat our meals, and it’s the main gathering place for all of the family. The style of your kitchen can have a huge impact on the look and the feel of your living space and there are allot of things to consider when choosing the right style for your kitchens Birmingham.

The first thing to consider when choosing your kitchens Birmingham is to look at the architecture of your house. It’s important to get the style of the kitchen to match the property the kitchen is being fitted into. If you live in a period home, then a modern minimalist kitchen with lots of contrasting styles and metal edges might clash and look out of place. If done correctly a kitchen that contrasts with the style of your home but is fitted in a transitional style and brings a home together.

If there is an overriding style within your home, maybe a color scheme or a use of a material, then choosing kitchens Birmingham to match the existing style will ensure the house floes and fits the rest of your home. A house containing natural tones and textured furniture will have a cozier feel and traditional kitchen would be ideal. Modern kitchens are better suited to minimalist homes with lots of natural light. While having contrasting kitchens can work well in a home designing a kitchen completely different from the rest of your home can through the whole house off.

The layout of your home will have a huge impact on the style of the Kitchens Birmingham you finally settle with.  A more open plan house with lots of natural light will normally suit a modern kitchen with lots of open space. We find islands always work well in both modern and contemporary styles, and these are a beautiful addition.

It’s also important to understand how your kitchens Birmingham will be used, determining the style and the layout of your kitchen. If you use your kitchen to entertain, then a design that maximizes the space is something really important. This doesn’t have to be kept to modem styles it can be used across all styles. Alternatively if you have a busy family home and a kitchen that is used by a range of ages then it might be a good idea to look for a hard wearing kitchen. High gloss finished would probably be a bad idea.

Finally the way you cook should also be a factor in choosing your kitchens Birmingham if you love to cook and use your kitchen often, then maximizing the amount of space on your counter, as well as space for a large cooker would be something to keep your eyes open for. This ties in nicely into your personality, your likes and dislikes the colours you have preference for if you prefer modern or traditional styles. Taking inspiration from your interests will give you an idea of the features you would like incorporated into your kitchen, working closely with our kitchens Birmingham design team we will make sure that your kitchen is perfect in every way.

With over 20 years in the kitchen and design trade our kitchen experts are here for you every step of the way. Edgbaston builders are the regions number one kitchen fitting company; call us for a free no obligation quote today on 0121 689 2220.