Ecolioma digitale is a disease that happens due to breathing of spores produced by filamentous algae known as Phaeodermis. This kind of health problems can affect any part of the body, but it usually occurs inside the lower parts of the respiratory tract such as the alveoli and the tonsils. A digital environment is a network, a sent out, adaptable, open up socio-technological system with properties of sustainable self-organization, scalability and resilience associated with all natural ecosystems.

Research was carried out on 6 patients who had invasive mesothelioma cancer, each of whom given different symptoms. The study preoccupied with three sufferers who offered ecosistema digitale. These individuals had different types of cancers: a cervical cancers that started as peritoneal mesothelioma and progressed to pericardial mesothelioma; a bladder pericardial malignancy that damaged the intervertebral disk plus the anterior upper body wall; and a pericardial cancer that started as a pericardial cancer and progressed for the cerebellum. The pathologist was able to deduce that all of these kinds of six affected individuals presented with the same characteristic action, namely, excessive sensations and swelling inside the affected areas.

The associated with ecosistema digitale was proven by the biopsy of the affected tissues and it was uncovered that all the six people presented with a characteristic mass inside the abdomen (computed tomography scan, immunohistochemistry, or immunofluorescence). The mass was found to be consisting of a single cell which given an unpredictable shape and a white colored or yellowish color. This kind of observation revealed that the mass was certainly an ecosstmite, but not like other types of ecosstmite it was certainly not associated with a palpable mass or a mass with a stable nucleus.

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